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Awarding funds thanks to players of
People's Postcode Lottery


Players' support helps to protect endangered wildlife, support new legislation for restoring nature and action on climate change, and enables the education of children across the UK on the importance of looking after our natural world. Thanks to the incredible support from our players, WWF-UK is helping bring about truly impactful change for our planet.
Since 2015, WWF-UK has been able to help over 53,000 turtle hatchlings successfully hatch on Kenyan beaches. Using camera and satellite tags, the charity has collected real data on the population demographics, individual behaviours and movements - all of which is crucial information to help preserve and protect this wonderful, inspiring species.

Elsewhere in Kenya, WWF-UK has been using innovative techniques to count Kenya's lion population. Using images of the whisker-spot patterns of individual lions - which act like unique fingerprints - WWF-UK will be able to produce the first lion census, which will inform all of their conservation work and make sure that their efforts help the lion population thrives for years to come.

Here at home, support from our players has been essential in helping WWF-UK campaign with the public in order to ensure the Scottish Government continues to make progress towards ending Scotland's contributions to the global climate emergency, as well as supporting their research into nature-based solutions for Scotland. This has been crucial in getting a real commitment from the government to end Scotland's contribution to climate change completely by 2045.

To thank players for over a decade of support, WWF-UK has dedicated a new challenge on its My Footprint app to People's Postcode Lottery. We often overlook the wildlife on our doorstep, which means we forget just how important it is. WWF-UK is asking players to go out into their local area and explore the life thriving in their postcodes - because the more we experience the natural world, the more we care about it. And we inspire others to care, too. Download the WWF-UK My Footprint app and sign up to the 'Postcode safari' challenge to get started and log your progress. For more information, visit